How to Choose a Funeral Flower Arrangement

Flowers have an important part in a funeral service because you can express your feelings for the one that passed away and for the family, like attachment, love or regret. However, how do you make the right choice in this situation?

Fresh Flowers

The one who sends the flower arrangement to a funeral needs to pay attention to several things, especially the meaning that’s behind the flower. You’ll have to know about the flower type, the resistance of the flower and the color or colors.

The flowers can be chosen based on the wish of the one who offers the flowers or based on the preferred flower of the deceased person. Both choices are correct in this case. Because we’re talking about natural flowers, their freshness is very important, along with the conditions they are kept in and their resistance for the following days. As you will need to have fresh flowers for a longer period of time, they need to be kept in a cold room and they should have fresh water all the time. If you can’t see where the flowers are kept, ask the seller about it.

You’ll also have to think about where these flowers will be kept – in the house, in the tomb or on the grave. If you know that your flowers won’t be placed in a cool place and they won’t have enough water, choose something more resilient like carnations or chrysanthemums.

The Symbols of the Flowers

You will certainly find many symbols related to flowers, but here are some of the most common ones that are used in funeral arrangements. The lilies mean faith or hope; the roses can have different meanings: red for love, white for purity, or yellow for friendship. The chrysanthemums mean sincerity; the carnations are a symbol of love and affection, while the Calla Lillies represent the symbol or rebirth. In the religious symbolism, the flowers represent the beauty of heaven present at the funeral.

Common Funeral Flower Arrangements

The funeral flower crowns are common, and most of them are tear-shaped, or even round. The funeral jars represent another type of arrangements, which are indeed cheaper. These are recommended to those who wish to spend less on a funeral flower arrangements, but still, present their condolences to the family.

If you plan to order any funeral flower arrangement online, you’ll need to ask the seller about the dimension, the approximate number of flowers and if the model (photo) that you’ve seen on their site is somehow different than what they’re actually selling.